IP30 - 60 Oil Type Pad Mounted Distribution Transformer 30 KV - Class

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Pearl Electric
Certification: KEMA, CE, CCC, ISO9001
Model Number: PEO-S, S9~13
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: USD/RMB
Packaging Details: Seaworthy wooden packing
Delivery Time: 35~50days ex-work
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 4000 units per year
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Clean Energy , 22 kV - Class , Pad Mounted , Oil - Immersed Transformer , Wind Power Farm


Pad-mounted Transformer Introduction


General Descriptions

The main purpose of this manual is for supporting transformer assembly/installation,
operation and usage by engineering personnel or technicians.
The transformer described in this manual is the completely insulated and hermetically sealed
three-phase distribution pad-mounted transformer, which is suitable for the three-phase power
distribution system of 10kV rated voltage and satisfies requirements specified in China national


Rated H.V.: 20 (20.5, 22)kV, ±2×2.5%
Vector Group Dyn11/Yyn0/Yzn11
Rated L.V.: 0.4kV
Capacity: 30~2500
No-load Loss: 130~3200kW
Load Loss 600~20200kW
No-load Current: 2.1~0.5%
Impedance Voltage: 4/4.5/5.5%
Tap-changing On-load Tap-changing
Reference Standards IEC60076
Notes: The above specifications may be customized according to customer's requirement.

Functions and Advantages:

1. High safety protection

2. Complete functions and reliable performance

3. Flexible structure

4.Convenient maintenance

5. Low power consumption and energy saving

6. Low-noise

7. High protection level and weathering resistance

8. High mechanical strength and leakage-free



Unpacking and Accepting
Please check whether there is any damage, distortion and crack on the transformer and its
components. With reference to the shipping list or packing list, check the accessories and special
tools. Only after the inspection is finished and the result is acceptable can the installation be
carried out.

Notices for installation:

Before any system connection, be sure the transformer is earthed. The earthing terminal
of the pad-mounted transformer should be a fixed and low-resistance earthing point. If
the earthing resistance does not meet the requirement, resistance reduction measures
should be adopted.


 Before system cabling, please clean all the bushings, bushing seats, terminal cabling
seats and contacting point, to remove all the dust, oil pollution and foreign substances.

 During installation, please close the equipment door and lock it when there is no technician on duty.


 Installation Process

Please refer to the following process for installation:
Prepare the installation base---->lay the HV and LV cables---->equipment
lifting---->equipment fixing---->equipment earthing---->HV and LV cable fixing
(preliminarily)---->HV and LV cable phase process---->prepare elbow cable plug and LV
terminal---->put the elbow cable plug (and lightning rod) into the bushing and connect the LV
cables---->mount the fault indicator and electricity display---->mounting LV sub-assembly.


 Prepare the Installation Base

The basis is composed of reinforced concrete base capable of holding the transformer, the
manhole convenient for cable connections and equipment maintenance, cable support/rack or
earthing sub-assembly. Fore more information about the basis preparation, please refer to the basis
manufacturing instructions provided together with the equipment.


Please be noted that:
1) The basis should be made far from the flat bog area, to avoid water drenching.
2) The base top should be located on a high place and 100~400mm above the ground.
3) Cable supporting rack should be made on the basis and firmly fixed, with certain
mechanical strength to avoid any shaking or loosing.
4) The base should be of sufficient mechanical strength to prevent any sinking, which may
cause equipment damage.
5) The surface of the base should be on the same level and smooth. If necessary, please use
level bar to check the base surface, thus to ensure no equipment distortion will happen
due to poor base conditions. Un-even base surface may makes door opening difficult.
6) The earthing resistance and earthing cross section should meet corresponding national
standards, industrial standards and regulations specified by local power administration

IP30 - 60 Oil Type Pad Mounted Distribution Transformer 30 KV - Class

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