20kV - Class Dyn11 Container Integrated Substation Outdoor Steel Housing

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Pearl Electric
Certification: KEMA, CE, CCC, ISO9001
Model Number: PEO-S, S9~13
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: USD/RMB
Packaging Details: Seaworthy wooden packing
Delivery Time: 35~50days ex-work
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 8000 units per year
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20kV, Oil Immersed, Container Substation Transformer, Integrated, Steel Housing, Seaworthy​





1 Features

  1. High safety performance
  2. Functional maturation & Reliable performance
  3. Rich structure
  4. Convenient maintenance
  5. Low noise
  6. Wonderful weather resistance
  7. No-leakage

2 Applied Standards


IEC 60076


Oil- Immersed Power Transformer Introduction


Rated H.V.: 20 (10.5, 11, 6.3, 6) kV, ±2×2.5%
Vector Group Dyn11/Yyn0
Rated L.V.: 0.4/0.433 kV
Capacity: 50~4000
No-load Loss: 0.13~3.20kW
Load Loss 0.60~21.5kW
No-load Current: 0.6~2.3%
Impedance Voltage: 4/4.5/5.5%
Tap-changing On-load / Off-load Tap-changing
Cooling Method: ONAN/ONAF
Reference Standards IEC60076
Notes: The above specifications may be customized according to customer's requirement.
Features & Advantages
1. Low loss, low noise and high reliability.
2. Excellent dynamic thermal stability and high over-load capacity.
3. Simulation analysis was carried out for the core mould design, thus to greatly reduce noise level. Simulated lightning impulse wave process was carried out for HV winding mould design, thus to greatly improve product's anti-lightning impulse capability.



No Item Abnormality Possible causes
1 Lock The locking is not effective. The lock is rusted or the locking mechanism is damaged.
2 Electric connection terminal The connection is loosing. The connection is not tight.
3 Transformer Oil-level is abnormal (for oil-immersed transformer) Oil leakage may happens on the transformer.
The temperature rise is too high. Overload operation
Abnormal sound gives out

The fixing bolts are loosing

Over-voltage on the power grid.

Partial discharge on the active part or bushings.

4 Enclosure sealing The rain is leaking in from the door and top cover. The adhesive sealing tape is aging or glass cement is damaged
5 Potential indicator Display is not correct Device is damaged
6 Storage battery

Electrolyte leakage

Appearance damage

Device is damaged
7 Circuit breaker Heating or melting on each lead contact The connection screws are not fixed properly.
Scorched smell is found The switching on/off coil is burned-out.
During peak-load period, the connection part is heat and the color is changed. The magnetic trip’s pre-set current does not conform to the load current on application environment.
8 Isolator Heating between movable and fixed contacts.

Excessive overload

The contacting is not poor.

The isolator can not be operated The drive mechanism is rusted.
9 Instrument transformer Abnormal discharge sound or other sounds Internal fault.
Abnormal sound during full-load operation Connecting part is loosing or insulation at the HV terminal is damaged.
Spark or discharge between windings and the enclosure or between the enclosures. Winding insulation is damaged or connection part is poor.



20kV - Class Dyn11 Container Integrated Substation Outdoor Steel Housing


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