Dry Type New Energy Transformer20kV - 315 KVA Cast Resin Transformer

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Pearl Electric Co.,Ltd.
Certification: KEMA, CE, CCC, ISO9001
Model Number: PEC-S, SC(B) 9-15
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: USD/RMB
Packaging Details: Seaworthy wooden packing
Delivery Time: 30days-50days ex-work
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 9000 units per year
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 20kV - 315kVA Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer , Three Phases , Two Winding , Power Distribution​


  1. A good ability of withstand short-circuit.
  2. The dry-type transformers are casted with epoxy resin, which are made of high quality materials by means of a strict process with advanced production and testing devices.
  3. The product features high reliability and long service life. Besides, it can be equipped with different protection casings or without casing in accordance with different operation environment.
  4. Excellent after-sales service
  5. Punctual delivery
  6. This product may convert between 10KV and 20KV voltages, and the user doesn't need to make second input, thus saving the investment.
  7. The product applies to the areas where the load density is high and the power demand grows rapidly

Product Uses:
With excellent performers, it can overcome those harsh operation conditions: high altitude, high humidity, high temperature and large temperature difference.
In daily life, it is exactly suitable for the places like government offices and bureau residential area and other areas that strictly demand of special require for fire proof.
Rising the challenge of large load fluctuation or long time overload places, it can be widely used in some places, for instance, urban rail, metallurgical industries, power plants, shopping mall and so on.
It has effect of cooling capacity and high performance such as moisture proof and light shock resistance.
It meets the needs of environmental adaptability and lighting shocks, strong resistance to thermal shock, anti-cracking and recycling.
It adopts NOMEX insulation systems in the main insulation, inflaming retarding, explosion proof and so on.
Vacuum pressure impregnation curing process, high mechanical strength, withstand short-circuit, safe and reliable.

Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer, Low Noise, Low Loss and Low Partial Discharge.

No. Items Unit  
I Basic Information       
1 Rated Voltage ratio kV 20kV / 0.433 kV
1.01 Rated Capacity kVA 315
1.02 Applicable Standards   IEC 60076
1.03 Manufacturer   Pearl Electric
1.04 Country of Origin   China
II Electric Performance       
2.06 Insullation Class   Class H
2.07 Temperature Rise (@40℃ ambient temperature) K 125K
2.08 Cooling Method   AN
2.09 Tapping Ranging   ±2*2.5%
2.1 Vector Group   Dyn11
2.11 Noise level dB 48
2.12 Impedance % 4
2.13 No-load loss W 990
2.14 Load Loss (@120℃) W 3670
2.15 Local Partial discharge pC <10PC
2.16 Impulse Withstand Voltage (HV/LV) kV 75/0
2.17 Power Frequency Withstand Voltage
kV 28/3
2.18 Rated Duration of Short Circuit s 2
III Materials & Accessories       
3.01 Core Materials   Silicon Steel Sheet
3.02 Winding Materials   Copper conductor/foil
3.03 Insulation methods   HV vacuum cast / LV impregnant
3.04 Main Insulation Materials   Epoxy Resin
3.05 Tap-changer pcs Off-load tap-changer
3.06 Sensor for Temperature Alarm and Trip pcs Yes, contact provided
3.07 Protective Enclosure pcs IP00

Likewise, if no high over currents occur due to short-circuits in the power system, the
transformer may operate well in spite of degraded mechanical properties.
In Figure A.2 the four dots indicate the time in hours needed to reach the defined end-point at
the four different temperatures 170 ºC, 160 ºC, 150 ºC and 140 °C according to the thermal
endurance test. A regression line is drawn between the four points and extended to intersect
the 20 000 h ordinate. The intersection takes place at a temperature of 130 °C.
Consequently the material TI for this particular property is 130. Further the regression line
shows that the estimated temperature increase that would bring the material to the endpoint
after 10 000 h is about 5 ºC. The halving interval HIC is then 5.
Because different material properties may decline at different rates, it may be necessary to
assign several temperature indexes and halving intervals to one and the same material.
Detailed descriptions regarding the experimental procedures are given in IEC 60216-1 to
IEC 60216-6. Figure A.2 shows a simplified and idealised picture that just demonstrates the
principle. In reality there will be dispersion in the results from the material samples, partly due
to real variations in the material, partly due to measurement uncertainty.
Detailed instructions for calculating thermal endurance characteristics from large bodies of
experimental data are provided in IEC 60216-3, including statistical test to verify the validity
of using Arrhenius’ law. Materials containing substantial quantities of inorganic components
may deviate considerably from Arrhenius’ law.
 Applied Standard
GB/T10228 , GB1094.11 , IEC60076-11 , DIN42523
Dry Type New Energy Transformer20kV - 315 KVA Cast Resin Transformer 

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