Three Phase Transformer Dry Type 11kV - 1250 KVA AN Air Cooled Step Down

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Pearl Electric
Certification: KEMA, CE, CCC, ISO9001
Model Number: PEC-S, SC(B) 9-15
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: USD/RMB
Packaging Details: Seaworthy wooden packing
Delivery Time: 30days-50days ex-work
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 9000 units per year
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 11kV - 1250kVA Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer, Three Phases, Two Winding, Power Distribution
As per IEC60076 standard required, cast resin dry type transformer designed and manufactured by Pearl Electric is welcomed in home and abroad with features of low loss, artistic apearnce and compact size.
Scientific computing tools:
We use advanced electric, magnetic, thermal and mechanical computing software to calculate electro-magnetic field and magnetic flux leakage distributions, to analyzewave processes, and to select reliable insulation margin, thus to guarantee product reliability, enable low noise level,clamp-proof,anti-fouling,high mechanical strength, flame resisting, strong overload ability and low partial discharge quality.
 Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer, Low Noise, Low Loss and Low Partial Discharge.
They are application to power transmission and distribution system,hotel,restaurant,commercial building,stadiums,chemical plants,stations,aiports,offshore drilling platforms,especially to heavy load centers and places with special fire protection requirements

  1. Flameproof and no blast, no pollution, no venomous gas.  Pearl has passed F1 test qualified by authority lab. 
  2. High dampproot, Safe operation in 100% vilative humidity and other tough environment, no demoisture procedure is needed.
  3. Strong capacity of heat resistant.
  4. High over-load capability, running at 110% rated load, and 150% rated load at AF.
  5. Contour artistic and compact size, low cost for installing. Easy assembly.
  6. Performance and parameter conform to or excel the standards of GB, IEC or industry.


1 If temporary storage is necessary, the package should not be removed. If it is dismantled for acceptance inspection, repackaging should be made afterwards.


2 For storage for a longer period, the transformer should be stored in a warehouse, which is clean, dry, and free of chemical or corrosive materials.


3 The transformers should not be stacked.


4 For temporary outdoor storage, transformer should be put on wooden spacers at least 100mm high.

Inspection before Putting into Service


1 Check whether any fixed parts and connections have become loose. Re-tighten them if necessary.


2 Check whether all parts assembled after transport are in good condition and whether any alien objects have become lodged inside the transformer (especially the air ducts). If excessive dust has accumulated on the transformer, clear it in accordance with section 11.2.


3 Check whether the fans, temperature control devices and other accessories can function normally. Pay attention to the direction of rotation of the fans if there is a three-phase power source. Usually, air is blown up into the coil from the bottom. If not, the phase sequence of the power source should be changed. Refer to the cooling system instructions for details. For temperature control and indication system and other accessories, wire connection should be done according to the



I Basic Information     
1Rated Voltage ratiokV11kV / 0.433 kV
1.01Rated CapacitykVA1250
1.02Applicable Standards IEC 60076
1.03Manufacturer Pearl Electric
1.04Country of Origin China
II Electric Performance     
2.01Rated PowerkVA1250
2.05Number of phase Three
2.06Insullation Class Class H
2.07Temperature Rise (@40℃ ambient temperature)K125K
2.08Cooling Method AN
2.09Tapping Ranging ±2*2.5%
2.1Vector Group Dyn11
2.11Noise leveldB55
2.13No-load lossW2150
2.14Load Loss (@120℃)W11300
2.15Local Partial dischargepC<10PC
2.16Impulse Withstand Voltage (HV/LV)kV75/0
2.17Power Frequency Withstand Voltage
2.18Rated Duration of Short Circuits2
III Materials & Accessories     
3.01Core Materials Silicon Steel Sheet
3.02Winding Materials Copper conductor/foil
3.03Insulation methods HV vacuum cast / LV impregnant
3.04Main Insulation Materials Epoxy Resin
3.05Tap-changerpcsOff-load tap-changer

2 Applied Standard
GB/T10228 , GB1094.11 , IEC60076-11 , DIN42523
Three Phase Transformer Dry Type 11kV - 1250 KVA AN Air Cooled Step Down

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