33kV 50kVA Electric Power Transformer With Oil Tank Fully Sealed Type

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Pearl Electric
Certification: KEMA, CE, CCC, ISO9001
Model Number: PEO-S, S9~13
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Seaworthy wooden packing
Delivery Time: 35~50days ex-work
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 8000 units per year
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33kV 50kVA Electric Power Transformer With Oil Tank Fully Sealed Type


Electric Power Transformer Introduction


The iron core of amorphous alloy transformers are made of amorphous alloy. Amorphous alloy materials have a disordered amorphous state of the metal atoms and a lower loss than the silicon steel core, achieving the high energy efficiency. The area enclosed by the hysteresis loop of the amorphous alloy is much smaller than that of the cold rolled steel sheet, so the hysteresis loss of the amorphous alloy is much smaller than that of the cold rolled silicon steel sheet and the core loss is very low if compared with the conventional silicon steel sheet iron. The no-load loss of the core transformer is about 70% lower, which is an ideal low-loss energy-saving transformer. Due to low loss, amorphous alloy transformers generate less heat, have lower temperature rise, and have very stable performance.

HV winding:

HV winding is manufactured with high quality copper conductor, adopting optimized structure to improve electric distribution. Lightning impulse wave process is carried out for calculation and analysis, thus to improve transformer's anti-lightning impulse capability.


LV winding is manufactured with high quality foil conductor, so the ampere-turn balance is excellent and the transverse magnetic flux leakage is low. The anti-short circuit capability is thus greatly improved. Oil conduit is rationally designed in the windings to increase winding's heat dispersion surface, effectively reduce temperature and improve transformer's overload capability.

Insulation Structure:

The transformer adopts class-A insulation. The HV and LV windings are arranged in concentric way. Between the windings are oil-clapboard insulation structure built with paper cylinder and small oil conduit.


The tank is jointed with high-quality steel. Rust-removing and phosphorization processes are carried out for the tank surface, then the surface is coated with FVC anti- erosion paint, thus to effectively prevent grease pollution and chemical erosion. The appearance is nice and harmonic with the environment. The whole structure is easy for installation and maintenance. It can be widely applied in outdoor environment and under harsh conditions.


Acoustic noise


The transformer, tap changing equipment and supplementary cooling equipment shall comply with the values stated in Table 1 — Audible sound levels for oil-immersed power transformers and be verified in accordance with IEC 60076-10.


The transformer shall be designed to meet the dBA noise level specified in schedule A of an enquiry document.


Electric Power Transformer Parameters


No. Items Unit Item 1
I Basic Information     
1.01 Type Designation   PEO-S-500/33/0.433
1.02 Applicable Standards   IEC 60076
1.03 Manufacturer   Pearl Electric
1.04 Country of Origin   China
II Pearl Electric Performance     
2.01 Rated Power kVA 50
2.02 HV   33
2.03 LV   0.433
2.04 Frequency Hz 50
2.05 Number of phase   Three
2.06 Insullation Class   Class A
2.07 Cooling Method   ONAN
2.08 Tapping Ranging   ±2*2.5%
2.09 Vector Group   Dyn11
2.10 Noise level dB 50
2.11 Impedance % 6.5
2.12 No-load loss W 870
2.13 Load Loss (@75℃) W 6960
2.14 Max. Ambient Temperature 40℃
Top oil temperature rise K 60
Winding temperature rise K 65
2.15 Impulse Withstand Voltage (HV/LV)
2.16 Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (HV/LV)
2.17 Rated Duration of Short Circuit s 2
III Materials & Accessories     
3.01 Core Materials   Silicon Steel Sheet
3.02 Winding Materials   Copper conductor/foil
3.03 Main Insulation Materials   Mineral Oil
3.04 Tap-changer   Off-load tap-changer
3.05 Pressure relief valve   Yes
3.06 HV&LV Cable Box & Extension Busbar   Yes
3.07 Bushing   Yes, Porcelain Bushing
3.08 Oil temperature thermometer   Yes
3.09 Oil Conservator   N/A, Hermetiacally-sealed tank
3.10 Terminal box   Yes
3.11 Oil-level indicator   Yes
3.12 De-hydrating breather   N/A
3.13 Cooling Radiator   Corrugated Fin
3.14 Current Transformer   N/A
3.15 Lightning Arrester   N/A
3.16 Transformer wheel pcs N/A


Electric Power Transformer Details


33kV 50kVA Electric Power Transformer With Oil Tank Fully Sealed Type

33kV 50kVA Electric Power Transformer With Oil Tank Fully Sealed Type

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