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Pearl ELectric Successfully Won the Tender of 35 kV Energy-Feed Rectifier Transformer Project

December 2, 2019



Recently, Pearl  Electric successfully won the Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd.'s equipment supply department's 2019 annual energy-supply transformer annual procurement project. In the next two years, the 35 kV energy-feed rectifier transformer produced by Pearl Electric will be used in subway energy absorption feedback devices, serving multiple subway lines in cities across the country, accelerating urban life. Energy-feeding technology has the characteristics of high energy utilization rate and good energy-saving effect, and will provide more environmentally friendly and efficient solutions for subway construction.

At present, China has fully entered the era of rail transit, and rail transit has broad development prospects. The successful bid has positive significance for the company to further develop the field of rail transportation. The company will continue to cultivate in the field of rail transportation, continuously accumulate achievements in rail transportation, promote the upgrading of urban rail transportation systems, and continue to provide more convenient and comfortable travel. struggle.