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  • Pearl Electric Co.,Ltd.
  • Pearl Electric Co.,Ltd.
  • Pearl Electric Co.,Ltd.
  • Pearl Electric Co.,Ltd.
  • Pearl Electric Co.,Ltd.
Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Exporter, Seller
Brands Pearl: No. of Employees 500~750:
Annual Sales 0.5-1 billion: Year Established 1958:
Export p.c 10% - 20%:



Pearl Electric Co., Ltd. is a pioneering technology manufacturer in power transmission and transformation which mainly research and supply power transformer. The main product coverage is 220kV (and below 220kV) oil-immersed power transformer, 35kV (and below 35kV) dry-type power transformer, reactors, pad-mounted transformer and prefabricated substation.


Pearl occupies a factory area of 9 hectares, with more than 6 hectares of modern factory buildings. Having more than 600 employees and possessing more than 260 sets of specialized manufacturing equipment, Pearl boasts an annual output capability of 6 million kVA transformers, 1.50 million kvar reactors and more than 2000 sets of pad-mounted transformer/prefabricated substation.

Pearl Electric boasts a professional R&D team with more than 60 engineers for the development of new products, design of customized model and guarantee of factory manufacturing. Pearl Electric has also established a complete Quality Management System, with the following certifications passed: ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification and OHSAS18000 Occupation Health and Safety Management System certification.









1958.8 Panyu Electric motor factory was founded.


1977 large capacity power transformers (SJZ-1800/35) were published.


1978 Power transformer SLFS-20000/110 were put into operation in Panyu.


1998.8 Restructured as Guangzhou Panyu Pearl Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd


2007.3 ZGSB11-Z·F-1600/35 pad-mounted transformers for wind power plant and YBM1-40.5/0.69(F·R)/T-F-1600 Prefabricated HV/LV substation for wind power plant passed all the test.


2008.4 We won the tender of Chengfu Tunnel Project in Beijing Olympic venues.


2009.12 Obtained the Energy-Conservation Product Certificate issued by China Certification Center for Energy Conservation Product.


2010.1 The company was formally renamed as Pearl Electric Co.,Ltd.


2010.12 Signed contract with China Nuclear Power Engineering Co.,Ltd., to supply total 93 units of dry-type transformer for Fuqing Nuclear Power Generation Plant Project and Tianwan Nuclear Power Generation Plant Project.


2012.3 Being awarded with contract to supply the Class 1E dry-type transformer which has the largest capacity within China.


2012.4 Successfully researched and developed the High Leakage-Reactance transformer for Locomotive Application. The sample machine passed the all tests and appraisal organized by Toshiba.


2012.10 The double-split dry-type transformer for solar power application(ZGSB11-G-1000/10.5/2x0.27)passed all tests carried out by China National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Medium and Low Voltage Transmission and Distribution Products.



2013.4 The oil-immersed power transformer(SB11-M-1000/10)passed all the tests carried jointly by Holland KEMA laboratory and China National Transformer Quality Supervision Testing Center.


2013.6 The HV/LV pre-fabricated substation with dry-type transformer (YBM-40.5-0.69(F.R)-T-F-2500)passed all the tests carried out by China National Transformer Quality Supervision Testing Center.


2014.3 Academician Workstation Cooperation Agreement signed with academicians Mr.Lu Qiang and Mr.Zhu Yinghao.


2014.6 Pearl Electric first supply to EU ,the smooth Italy GBE company to provide amorphous alloy transformer.


2014.7 Guangzhou Municipal Electric Energy Conversion and Control Equipment Engineering & Technology R&D Center was established.


2014.11 The company successfully completed the 2014 Beijing APEC summit power service security work, the company for the summit developed dry transformer customer recognition.


2014.12 Pearl electrical successful domestic capacity of the largest amorphous alloy box changes the project, China Guodian Corporation Chongqing Da Bao Liangfeng farm project.


2015.3 CAP1400 main pump inverter with water cooled phase shifted transformer through national new product technical appraisal.


2015.6 The safety-level dry-type transformer for ACP1000 nuclear power plant passed the national-level appraisal.Off


2015.10 The company has completed renovation work, officially changed its name to Pearl Electric Co.,LTD.



After-sale Service



Insisting on the principle of “sincere service” and aiming to win customers’ satisfaction, Pearl Electric always tries to perfect its before-sale, during-sale, and after-sale services. With its strong technical power and technological experience accumulated for many years, we are able to offer professional designs and best solutions and satisfy the customer’s demand for individual products.


Pearl’s product and service have been highly recognized and appraised by all users at home and abroad. The company promises to provide superior-quality products and first-rating after-sales service as we did in the past:


1. “Three Guarantee” for one year (repairing, replacement and refund) and “Charged Maintenance Guarantee” for 20 years.


2. Providing technical consultations according to customer’s requirements free-of-charge and supplying guidance to customers during product installation and adjustment.


3. Holding free-of-charge training courses upon customer’s requirements in respect of equipment installation, adjustment, usage, operation and maintenance.


4. Timely response to customer’s request. In case of product fault during product operation, no matter it is product’s quality problem or operator’s manipulation accident, we will give response within one hour after the information is received, send engineer to the site in the shortest time and solve the problem as soon as possible. (24-hour service line: +86-20-22626262)


5. After the guarantee period, we provide fittings and parts needed for equipment maintenance, with the most preferential prices.


6. Continuously improving product quality and further satisfying customer requirements bt periodically carrying out customer visiting and collecting customer feedback.-





Provided with the after-sale service team with excellent technique and fast reaction, Pearl Electric will provide top-ranking after-sale service as we always did. We will visit the users regularly for quality researches to improve the products’ quality and meet users’ needs.



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Brief Introduction of Department


 Pearl Electric strictly is accorded with requirements of ISO9001:2008 and establish company system management system, formulating “Company Quality Management System Manual”. The manual indicates management organization and identifies the responsibility for different department, set rules for daily management during all the planning, decision process.



Marketing department


It is responsible for collecting and reflecting market information, customer’s satisfactory investigation, all the actions should be accorded with the requirements of “Customer Communication Control System” and “Contract Review Control System”.



Technical department


It is responsible to design and develop products according to the relative laws and market information provided by marketing department. All the actions should be accorded with “Product Design Procedure” and “New Product Development Procedure” to satisfy customers’ need.



Logistics department


It is responsible to purchase and manage the suppliers according to the requirements of design provided by technical department. All the actions should be accorded with “Procurement Control Procedure” and “Supplier Control Procedure”.

Product development is responsible for manufacture process follow the requirements of technical and design. All the action should be accorded with “Manufacturing Process Control Procedure”.



Quality inspection department


It is responsible to do the test and handle the unaccepted products according to the requirements of products law, regulation and technical specification, to avoid the delivery of unqualified products. All the action should be accorded with “Rejection Product Control Procedure”.



 After-sale department


It is to arrange pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services according to the market reflection and customers requirements provided by marketing department. All the actions should be accorded with the requirements of “After-sales Services Control Procedure”.



Quality assurance department


It is responsible for the monitoring of company quality system. Including collecting, analyzing daily quality statistic according to the requirements of “Statistic Analysis Control Procedure” and modifying according to “Modification and Prevention Solution Control Procedure”; inspecting and constantly improving performance of quality system according to the requirement of “Internal Monitoring Procedure” and “Management Review Control Procedure”; organizing customer’s satisfactory investigation annually according to the “Instruction for Customer Satisfactory Investigation”, for the sake of acquiring chances to improve product design and service quality as well as customers’ satisfactory; organizing product quality review process annually, in order to get the chances to improve product quality constantly.



Human resource department


It is responsible for staff recruitment, training and dynamic assessment, according to the company continuous development and practical requirement of “Human Resource Control Procedure”, to provide different position c with suitable staffs.