High Strength And Capacity Step Up Power Transformer 110kV - 8000 KVA Low Loss

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Pearl Electric
Certification: KEMA, CE, CCC, ISO9001
Model Number: PEO-S, S9~13,SZ11-M,SZ11
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: USD/RMB
Packaging Details: Seaworthy wooden packing
Delivery Time: 45-50days ex-work
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 2.5 Million KVA/Year
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Capacity: 6300~63000kVA Or Customized Rated H. V.: 110kv Or Customized
Rated L. V.: 33kV/11kV Or Customized Vector Group: Dyn11 Or Customized
Impedence: 8-10% Or Customized Cooling: ONAN / ONAF Or Customized
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step up power transformer


electrical power transformer


110kV - 8000kVA , Power Distribution Transformer , Three Phases , Power Transformer , Hight Capacity​


Product Advantages


The core is manufactured with high quality cold rolled grain-oriented silicon steel of high magnetic conductivity, and 45° mitring and steps overlapping structure is used for core production, enable the effectiveness of reducing no-load loss and no-load current.

HV winding:

HV winding is manufactured with high quality copper conductor, adopting optimized structure to improve electric distribution. Lightning impulse wave process is carried out for calculation and analysis, thus to improve transformer's anti-lightning impulse capability.


LV winding is manufactured with high quality foil conductor, so the ampere-turn balance is excellent and the transverse magnetic flux leakage is low. The anti-short circuit capability is thus greatly improved. Oil conduit is rationally designed in the windings to increase winding's heat dispersion surface, effectively reduce temperature and improve transformer's overload capability.







By winding number


110kV class 3-phase two-winding power transformer


By tap-changing


110kV class on-load tap-changing power transformer



110kV class off-load tap-changing power transformer





Insulation Structure:

The transformer adopts class-A insulation. The HV and LV windings are arranged in concentric way. Between the windings are oil-clapboard insulation structure built with paper cylinder and small oil conduit.


The tank is jointed with high-quality steel. Rust-removing and phosphorization processes are carried out for the tank surface, then the surface is coated with FVC anti- erosion paint, thus to effectively prevent grease pollution and chemical erosion. The appearance is nice and harmonic with the environment. The whole structure is easy for installation and maintenance. It can be widely applied in outdoor environment and under harsh conditions.


The transformer is equipped with HV & LV bushings, oil drain valve, earthing bolt, lifting board, rating plate, pressure relief valve and other accessories. Transformers of over 800kVA power are equipped with signaling thermometer and gas relay.


Executed Standards:



4.1 Pay attention to the follows while transporting:

l Weight, size, hanging height, etc. can be found in the reference drawings.

l If flatbed truck is used for transporting, should check its loading record in the past.

l Fix the transformer body on the flatbed truck with rope through fixing holes. Refer to reference drawings for the locations of those holes.

l Attention! There is special axis for hanging and pedestal for hoisting jack. Use them while hanging and carrying the transformer, no use with other places.

l The ropes must be long enough to ensure the hanging angle is less than 30 degrees. Balance girder should be used due to limit of space height.

l Only the special holes can be used while the transformer is being haled. No for ramp with gradient over 15 degrees or speed exceed 20km/h.

4.2 Methods

Different parts should be used for different carrying methods (such as hanging, hauling and moving). They are shown as follows:

Part Num. Position Method
Hanging axis 4 On the lower tank Full hanging
Small wheels
(if applicable)
4 Bottom of the tank Bi-directional traction or moving
Traction hole 4 Lower part of the tank
Jack block 4 Body of the tank Hydraulic lifting

Attention: Where transporting, don’t damage the buildings.


High Strength And Capacity Step Up Power Transformer 110kV - 8000 KVA Low Loss

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